The Company’s management believe that there is a significant value in having critical additional patents granted in the Company’s name with a long life and on a global basis. Not only will it provide leverage when negotiating global licensing agreements but also add to the overall value of the business and its technology. The 2016 design review has been transformational for the Company as it created new and valuable intellectual property, restarting the clock in terms of patent life.

Aqualiner is a technology licensing company and therefore its direct and indirect ownership of intellectual property is critical to obtaining financial value. Being able to expand and extend the life of its existing intellectual property portfolio while obtaining direct ownership of new patents should provide substantial commercial, competitive and corporate benefits. 


Aqualiner was originally granted exclusive worldwide (excluding Scandinavia) rights for the use of the three patents covering the lining process and related equipment. The patents covered the applications of the original Aqualiner prototype, but additional patent(s) protection has been and is being sought by Aqualiner as the design and applications develop.  This gives Aqualiner direct patent protection and life to the ongoing product development plan as the patents are held by the Company outside the original technology license from the UK water companies.

Patent life extended through equipment enhancements 

During 2016, the Company started to make applications for patents covering the new inventions. The first patent application (1616384.2) filed in September 2016 covers the unique internal design of the heating Pig that melts the material in the pipe. Aqualiner received confirmation from UK Patent Office of the grant of its Patent Number GB2554431 in July 18. It has also been granted in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Japan. The patent application in pending in Untied States and Australia.

A second patent application (1802664.1) covers the design necessary to achieve even air flow and temperature as it exits the heating pig. It was filed in February 2018 and the Company received confirmation from UK Patent Office of the grant of its Patent Number GB2571127 in March 2021. It has an expiry date of February 2038. The Company has filed an application for European territorial coverage along with US, Canada, Japan and Australia.


Aqualiner has a trademark: Melt in Place Pipe (MIPP) – This is a term that has evolved due to the main sewer rehabilitation process used in Sewer is Cured in Place Pipe “CIPP”. Aqualiner intend to market the melting aspect as opposed to a chemical process