Site Preparation

  • Access to water mains pipe is effected by typically digging two pits (2m x 1m)
  • Sewer pipes are accessed by manholes.

Pipe Cleaning

  • Water pipes and sewers are cleaned prior to lining using a number of proprietary cleaning techniques including pressure jetting, ice pigging, drag scraping, grit blasting, etc.


  • Both water pipes and sewers are lined by winching in the Aqualiner thermoplastic composite engineered liner. Passing a heating PIG through the sock to melt the material and then pressurising the sock against the pipe wall using an inversion bag to form a thin walled, structural lining.

A video describing the installation process is available by clicking on the link.

 Joints and Connections

  • For gravity sewers laterals are easily identified on CCTV and can be cut away using standard lateral cutters. The ends of the sewer pipes can be cut flush again using standard disc cutters.
  • For water pipes house connections are made using proprietary strap on ferrules.
  • Liners are reconnected back to the water mains pipe network using standard mechanical couplers and flange adapters.
  • Once reconnected the lined pipe is sterilised and put back into operation. The whole process of lining, connections and sterilisation is designed to be undertaken within a few hours.